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We believe art is integral to the human experience. We are committed to increasing access to the arts so that children and youth may lead stimulated, creative and connected lives. 

We are a free visual arts program for children and youth operating out of Kingston Galloway Orton Park in East Scarborough. 

Cost Free Arts Programming: 


At HLA, we are committed to increasing access to the arts.
This means we provide programming that is free of barriers. Our art classes include instruction, materials, and snacks at no cost to ensure that art can be accessed by children and youth in the neighbourhood regardless of financial status so that they can experience the many benefits - social, emotional and physical - of participating in the arts. 

Providing Participants with Opportunities of Economic Gain, Entrepreneurship and Exposure:

Proceeds from a sold piece of artwork are split 50/50
between the artist and the program. Works are showcased at internal and community events where they receive exposure and opportunities to interact with community members, community partners, local leaders/politicians and media.

Youth Leadership and Civic Engagement: 


We believe youth play a vital role in influencing and building
their communities. We provide informal guidance and mentorship to youth to involve them in program planning and implementation so that they can build skills to lead and organize their peers and community at a grassroots level. Our work relies heavily on community partnerships and collaboration providing a platform for our young participants to connect with local leaders, service providers and organizations for further training and volunteer opportunities. 

HLA-Art Fusion is the youth leadership group of Healthy Living through Arts and one of four KGO ACT (All Community Together) demonstration projects supported by service delivery organizations in Kingston Galloway Orton Park.

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