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During Fall / Winter 2021, ten youth participated in an eight-week virtual community art program that explored the importance of self-care and self-expression through mixed media art journaling.


Art journaling provides a creative outlet and a safe space for all thoughts and feelings. Each workshop focused on different art techniques, such as drawing, painting with watercolour/gouache, working with photography, and collaging. These techniques were applied while creating journal entries that relate to various prompts on mental health.


Here is a slideshow of the participants' favourite pieces of art. Hover over the art to read the description provided by the artist!

The artists chose to remain anonymous, so we did not include their names on the art.


To see more art, check out our Instagram @healthylivingarts.kgo 


Some of the journaling prompts that we followed when creating our journal entries. Feel free to use them for your own journals, and don't forget to tag us your art @healthylivingarts.kgo


In Person Meetup

Halfway through the program, we had a meetup with everybody for one of our workshops. It was a good time where we reflected on the workshop and how our past year has been and we had some great food. Thank you to everyone for coming and actively participating!

Note: All appropriate COVID guidelines were followed




We are siblings who have a passion for storytelling through art, design, and photography.


We have been participating in various community programs which exposed us to several art forms like paint, fabrics, inks, and clay.


Now we are ready to give back to the community and host our own program: SMART

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

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