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HLA-Art Fusion is one of four KGO ACT demonstration projects:

KGO ACT is a neighbourhood wide project that supports service delivery organizations to increase their capacity to effectively engage youth.

To do this, KGO ACT focuses on increasing meaningful opportunities for youth to engage in and influence the programs, services, and opportunities that affect their lives.

This year, with the help of East Scarborough Storefront, our youth leaders partnered with Scarborough Arts Council and have received invaluable mentorship and support from the organization in pursuing the following objectives: 

  • Increase youth art engagement and technical skills through arts mentorship

  • Increase opportunities for youth to organize and lead in an arts setting

  • Increase opportunities for youth civic engagement and participation in their communities

HLA-Art Fusion has focused on three art forms: photography, culinary arts and puppetry each culminating in a final project of a photojournal, cook off and puppet show, respectively. Explore our galleries below.




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