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smART and i.FEED Projects

Join the conversation. Connect with others. Inspire new ways.

We have been working on developing programs to help our communities through these trying times. Under these unprecedented circumstances, we have seen, heard and experiences of our friends, families and even ourselves trying our best to cope through the challenges. It is not easy, we understand.

Investing in self care is the most important strategy to combat the negative effects it has on our health. We are social creatures by design and by providing a platform to engage in conversation, connect with others and inspire new ways of being that's when we can ensure we can continue to be resilient.

Healthy Living through Arts is working away at developing programs that speak to mental health and wellness through art.

In 2021, we will be offering some unique opportunities to engage in some art-making so we can combat this pandemic together.


smART is a six-week community arts program that combines the importance of self-care and self-expression through mixed media art journaling.

This year our theme will be around mental health and wellness around COVID-19

i.FEED Project

The i.FEED Project (Finding the Energy Every Day) enables ourselves to pause, reflect and respond to the effects of the pandemic it has on our lives. Through creative means, we can focus on things that feeds our mind, body and soul in order to get us through these times. This project is expected to launch in the summer of 2021

Stay in touch with us. Drop us an email at


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